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Prepare your property for the Fall Season

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and it's that time again to keep your property and house protected for the colder months to come! Today we will explore some tips and tricks on how to protect your concrete and more for the winter season.

- Fix any cracks in your driveway or sidewalk

When water freezes it expands. These are the laws of physics. To keep cracks from getting bigger and causing potholes you may want to fix any kind of cracks or uneven surfaces on your concrete. 

- Clean out your gutters

Cleaning out your gutters can prevent damage to your home and concrete surfaces. When the leaves fall they clog the gutters and create overflow of stormwater. This overflow can cause water seepage into basements and further damage to cracked concrete.

- Invest in the correct Ice Melt

Harsh ice melting chemicals can wreak havoc it on concrete surfaces. It is best to invest in a calcium-based ice melt, which causes far less damage than other formulas.

- Keep your driveways clear

Is always smart to keep leaves and other debris off of your driveway surfaces. Regular sweeping will help the lifespan of your concrete.

Stamped Concrete. Get the most style out of your patio.

Stamped Concrete is one of the best ways to customize your concrete project with a unique pattern that is not just visually appealing but applies a great texture technique as well. 

What Is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete is a technique where a pattern is stamped into the concrete mixture. This can be anything from a stone pattern to a wood texture.

Where Can It Be Applied?

Virtually every concrete project from sidewalks, driveways and patios can be stamped. 

Finishes and Sealing

Of course to increase the lifespan and quality of Stamped Concrete, sealing and a correct finishing is required. This also intensifies the colors and textures of the concrete design. These finishes can be anything from high gloss to satin in intensity. 

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The Best Outdoor Patio Setups

It's finally warm outside and what better than enjoying the weather on your own backyard oasis?! We scoured the internet to show you some of the coolest concrete patio setups we could find and maybe to inspire you for your own household.

Who wouldn't like a triple decker patio?

Photo: Pinterest

Or this amazing outdoor living room complete with stone work...